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Learning alevel further maths in 5 months

I hate English literature and I know I'm going to do terrible in it,I'm really strong in maths, I pick it up quite quickly. Is it realistic to try and learn the alevel further maths syllabus in 5 months to take the exams in may/June?
If you do, CP1, CP2 and FM1 with FD1 it should be possible!!! :biggrin:

Core Pure 1 & Core Pure 2

Paper 1: Core Pure Mathematics 1 (Paper code: 9FM0/01) & Paper 2: Core Pure Mathematics 2 (*Paper code: 9FM0/02)
Complex numbers
Further algebra and functions
Further calculus
Further vectors
Polar coordinates
Hyperbolic functions
Differential equations

Further Mechanics 1 (Paper code: 9FM0/3C)
Momentum and impulse
Work, energy and power
Elastic strings and springs and elastic energy
Elastic collisions in one dimension
Elastic collisions in two dimensions

Further Mechanics 2 (Paper code: 9FM0/4C)
Motion in a circle
Centres of mass of plane figures
Further centres of mass
Further dynamics
Further kinematics

Decision Mathematics 1 (Paper code: 9FM0/3D)
Algorithms and graph theory
Algorithms on graphs
Algorithms on graphs II
Critical path analysis
Linear programming

Further Statistics 1 (Paper code: 9FM0/3B)
Discrete probability distributions
Poisson & binomial distributions
Geometric and negative binomial distributions
Hypothesis Testing
Central Limit Theorem
Chi-Squared Tests
Probability generating functions
Quality of tests

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