Im struggling in almost everyway as a freshman

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People keep on blindly hurting me. I like people that I have no chance with. I'm unsupported at home when it comes to almost everything. School, therapists, me being trans, etc. People at school view me as short. I notice that people talk to certain people for certain reasons. I'm black and my school is filled with Hispanics. If I were to sit in a room with 5 teens, one of them is me, the rest are of a Spanish orgin. They'd find a way to not include me. Or look at me as odd. Or speak Spanish. And its really like that here. They won't be your friend based on what you look like. I notice it all the time. It's not helping that I'm a quiet person. I also have a boyfriend and an ex-boyfriend. They both poke fun at my height and my hair all of the time. And I have a friend that claims to care about me. But he says that to everyone. He tries to befriend everyone and the moment you seem negative, blue, depressed, or not as cool as you seemed to be in the beginning, he'll stop talking to you. and yell at you when you're having a bad day and you really need a friend. He talks to entire tables. And claims that his life is super bad. Yea, It is in some ways. That doesn't make it ok to yell at me at my worst either. Or maybe I'm overexaggerating. Someone tell me what to do with my life. Advice? Anything?
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you're not over exaggerating at all. However, I wouldn't worry about your boyfriend poking fun at you he loves you for you and is in no way trying to hurt you. This may be a rough patch in your life but i promise it will get better eventually try and make some friends out of school or spend more time with your boyfriend.

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