Why is this situationship so painfully hard to get over?

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Female age 20 here. So I started talking to this guy about 7/8 months ago (age 22). He had told my friend he was interested in me and she told me so I decided to give it a go and message him. He was always so sweet to me and affectionate and I thought “yay this in finally happening for me!!” He was always very reserved however, and I am quite an over thinker and an open book so I took this quite to heart.

Anyway, it was so good for the months over summer we talked everyday got on so well, I even gave him my virginity because he seemed so serious about me. He was always there for me. He has only been in one serious relationship before me might I add.

Anyway things were going so well and I fell so hard for him. But about 4 months ago he started getting even more distant than he was before, replies were getting drier and he wasn’t asking me to go out anymore. I would mention things like “aw we should go out again soon” and he was be like “yeah I really wanna see you” but he never followed through.

Finally I confronted him about this, I calmly and kindly just asked if everthing was okay and I just wanted to know where I stood because I really liked him and I was getting the vibe he didn’t feel the same. He said everything was fine and he was sorry he didn’t make more time for me. So I gave him the benefit of the doubt and we gave it a go again. But then a couple of weeks later he just stopped replying, nothing said, just randomly out of nowhere. I decided I wasn’t chasing this time and we haven’t spoken since except for a too casual merry Christmas from him. It’s been months and I can’t get over this.

It’s eating me up inside I feel so sad and it’s worse knowing that he doesn’t care at all. Does anyone have any advice on getting over this, Ive had no closure, I don’t know what I was to him whether I was a rebound a passing phase I have no idea. He was never the ‘**** boy’ type, he never pressured me into anything sexual either so I don’t feel used. I just feel so confused, why would he say he was interested in me and then just run. Why could he not even have the balls to just say he didn’t want a relationship rather than just ghost me. Why does this hurt so much. Am I being pathetic or dramatic? How do I get over this pain.
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Heyy it sounds like u got ghosted... I think it's prolly happened to almost everyone here. Ppl can be so sad in terms of maintaining connections whether romantic or friendly but there's nothing u can do.

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