University College London could kill you rather than teach you

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Bader Almaslukh
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My name is Bader Almaslukh an international PhD student at University College London in the chemical engineering department doing a PhD under the supervision of professor Ozgur and I am from Saudi Arabia. ( I am so sad to reach this limit and expose what happened to me in this university and it is the reality that everyone is trying to hide.

As everyone knows a lot of governments around the world does not want my Crown prince MBS and they need to find a plan to get him out of power. Unfortunately, Boris Johnson used me to do but without I know.The story begins on 25 December 2021 when the fire alarm in my UCL accommodation building turn on Max Rayne House. It was a fake alarm to let everyone evacuate the building and they send two persons as fire detectors, then they get into my room and fill it with a lot of toxic material that impact the brain and make the person in hallucination condition. They know that the crown prince in Saudi Arabia trusts me too much, they added this hallucination that forced me to write something against him using my Whatups application. Moreover, I figured out that the students who lived on the same floor in my UCL accommodations put these chemicals that impact the brain in the kettle and I was the only person drinking from that kettle. One day I run out of my coffee then I did not drink anything. I woke from the bad condition I was in, once I figure out what happed I immediately wrote to my Crown prince what was going on with me. Moreover, I found my professor Ozgur, speaking what I negatively wrote to my crown prince using ZOOM. It turns out to be that he is involved with them to get out the crown prince from his position by telling him that I was a betrayer to him while I strongly believe that I a lot of the royal family in Saudi Arabia are responsible for what happened. However, they want to put the reponsoblitiy on someone else. Ozgur also when was in ZOOM with me used a cover in which you can not see who was sitting with him. I believe that there ate a lot of people from a high position like the Ministry of defence of any big country. The reason for that is to show the Crwin prince later that I am setting with those people so I am deifienely the betrayer who make him down from his current position while I am a victim.Also, the university give me a laptop which I believe is full of spy materials and professor Ozgur told me that after two months we will go to Poland to attend a conference. I believe that time when they arrest me and told me and send me back home to kill me. By the way, no one can know what happened and they get what they want by getting out the crown prince from his position. ALLAH WANT SOMETHING ELSE.I went to the police station to inform them of this international crime but I could not because He is controlling everything, and people said to me that I am crazy, I know that if I leave the UK I will be killed and also if I stayed I will be killed by this craziness of BJ. The truth can not be hidden for a long time and everyone will know that what I am saying is the truth. I contacted a lot of professors around the world to force the current UK government to tell the truth but it is still kept secret. I have no choice but to expose it myself to the public, those people exceeded all levels of human rights in Great Britain. I am sorry to hurt the feeling of you shock that happen in your country but my life is in danger because of Boris and I have to protect myself first then I have to show people in my country that I have to absolute the relation of what he did. I am close the die several times out of these chemicals. As I said the truth will not be hidden for a long time and you will see. I do not know what kind of university accept such a thing. Please help

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