Is it their shame?

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I've got a comp degree and successful on the side.

I am to earn stability in a sort of factory job however it's light work so I do not mind.

I have a sister I categorically told her I'm successful on the side and going abroad for a month then another after. I doubt she says the truth.

I've been called a liar however they still ignore my degree and other things when someone wanted to be introduced.

I wonder why they only talk to my relatives or sister? How are they supposed to know my degree classification, modules, my plans, my future, why I said on socisl media going abroad, whether in a relationship.

1) So if they just ask my relatives about me instead of me for an introduction, are they silly? How are they supposed to know anything about me

2) it's half the truth, yes I am working in a factory, that doesn't mean its my plans or their is nothing else or I'm not working there forever. They take the mick saying I'm a factory and a Liar because I portrayed myself successful
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