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Cambridge Engineering or Biomedical Engineering at Imperial?

I really like the sound of the imperial biomedical engineering course - and it is what really interests me, but would the Cambridge course have more 'prestige'/better graduate outcomes? Also, are the people at Imperial as smart as at Cambridge and how does their ambition compare?

Also, would anyone say the teaching at Cambridge is better (cos of
the small supervisions etc.) or are they equivalent?

I'm a home student, so I was also concerned about Imperial (not sure specifically for biomed) having a vastly overseas student body so I may struggle to make friends - whereas Cambridge has more diverse students from different backgrounds (so you don't only speak about STEM). Is this an issue/is the lack of non-stem at imperial and majority overseas (no offence) make it boring + hard to make friends?

Thanks so much and sorry for the long post (also this a duplicate sorry but was trying to gather a wide range of opinions and no one had replied to original thread haha)

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