He doesn't talk but won't?

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This guy ghosted me and we stopped talking. He never replied to me, never apologised and he didn't even wish me during the holidays.
I stopped talking to him and had decided not to speak to him at all but then I bumped into him at uni (we are students) and he was like hey how's everything, i will see you soon, waving at me while I was leaving, smiling in a way as if he was blushing, winking etc.

However er, he clearly has no intention of seeing me or even talking as friends because I saw him meet up with his friends, go out to drink every evening but nothing for me.

Yet this guy still keeps my number saved on his Whatsapp as his photo and last active is only visible to those who are his contacts.

I'm honestly fed up with this guys attention seeking behaviour because he clearly has no intention of talking to me and he was the one who cut contact.

Then why keep the bloody number? If he doesn't like me, doesn't want to talk to me then why remove and stop talking to me and just let me be?
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hmm, i've always faced similar situations of ghosting. usually what i do is if the boy is being cold to me i do behave like that back to him, even if some people may call it 'petty'. i make no efforts to talk to him and show no interest in conversations. if he asks, i clearly state the problem to him. every guy has different reasons of ghosting....

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