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Can I use a skin product with tea tree leaf water if I'm allergic to tea tree oil?

Hello! Recently I've started to experiment with Korean skin care brands so I bought the Cosrx low pH good morning gel cleanser because I heard a lot of great reviews that it's very gentle and suitable even for people with dry sensitive skin. I started using it but I noticed that after washing and even after moisturising my skin was red dry and itchy even stinging at some places. I thought that maybe it's because it's a deep cleanser and my skin is still not used to it so I continued using it but it kept getting worse and even more painful. Now I have pimple like spots and bigger red spots and I have to use calming creams and moisturiser to help with the pain and itching. I researched for reasons and I found out that with that product this happens to people who have an allergy to tea tree oil so now I've been avoiding products with that ingredient. Today I was watching reviews of the Some by mi AHA BHA PHA 30 day miracle serum and I was sold but on the last review I watched it was mentioned that it contains tea tree leaf water. I started researching again and I read that tea tree lead water is not as strong as the essential oil but I still don't know if I can use it. Can someone with more knowledge on these products give me an advice?
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I would say the obvious answer is do not use any product that contain any amount of tea tree plant (Melaleuca alternifolia) if you know you are allergic to the substance because it sounds like you are super sensitive to it. The oil can be highly toxic too if swallowed. You might well be allergic to other skin care products as time goes on.

The gel could be suitable for dry sensitive skin but that is very different to having a known allergic reaction to tea tree oil and then using a product that has tea tree in it.

With your known allergy it might be worth pre testing any new skin products on a patch test on your inner wrist or behind your ear to see what reaction you get in 24/48hrs just in case you have another bad reaction to another unidentified product.

I hope your skin soon settles.

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