why am I getting ignored

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I feel like all my friends are ignoring me and I dont know why! They hug out without me and bad move posted it all on their instagram. so of course i saw this and asked what they were doing and they sad that two of them were discussing drama that went down. So i asked then why was everyone else except me there too. they said i shouldn't worry about it and that its not a big deal, but i am getting ignored all they time by them. To try and solve this i have been buying and giving them gifts but thats not working either so now im stumped. Any advice??
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This is going to sound harsh but find new friends.
I don't know the whole situation but it sounds like your 'friends' are purposely excluding you and when you tried to have a discussion about it they basically ignored your feelings and told you to forget about it.
To make matters worse, you've now taken on the 'blame' and are trying to buy your way back into the friendship group.
My advice is to think about what you would do if one of your friends told you this was happening to them. Would you tell them to keep trying to make friends with people that don't seem to respect them or care about their feelings or tell them to cut their losses?
I think you deserve a friendship with people who care about you, will listen to your concerns and make changes if you make them aware they're hurting you by excluding you.
Obviously I only know one side of the story but from what you've said - you deserve better.

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