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Septum piercings??

I had my septum pierced today. I cleaned it and flipped it because my mums going to shout lmao. BUT IT STINGS LIKE A PRICKING STING KINDA HURT. It feels like a nasal hair is being pulled 😭💀 did anyone else’s hurt like that????
ummm it's normal to be painful but not like MEGA painful? if it's really bad then maybe it was pierced incorrectly. i've had it pierced twice and it did hurt for a bit but only if i was putting pressure or moving it around and tbh the pain goes away completely once it's 100% healed. just try your best not to put any pressure on it and don't flip it back down until it's healed. usually heal in 2 months.
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Yeah it’s not mega painful but hurts like a ***** if I do flip it or touch it. Thank you x

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