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Think I'm developing a drinking problem?

I've been bringing alcohol into school (usually any spirits or liqueur I can get hold of) in a flask and drinking it during the day because my panic attacks have been coming back and my anxiety in general has gotten a lot worse. It never goes away so I constantly feel like something terrible is going to happen and I can't control my racing thoughts. I experienced this a few years ago but feel like this was triggered by my dad almost getting killed last year and a bunch of other stuff including the lockdown which definitely amplified it. I drink because it gets rid of my anxiety and it doesn't matter how messed up everything gets because I have alcohol to make everything okay. I'm aware that this is only a short term fix and I need to resolve my underlying issues in order to stop using alcohol which is obviously bad for me but my annual mental health appointment is not until a month and I can't handle being like this until then so I need to drink. I'm on medication which already hammers my liver as I got my blood results back a month ago and the nurse said my liver function was lowered but this was before I started drinking like I do as before I would only have one cider a week. I guess the reason I'm posting this is because I'm desperate for advice on how to control my anxiety so I don't need to turn to alcohol and I'm only 17 so I don't want liver failure.
Hi not to sound preachy but it's good you have recognised that you may be beginning to have a problem with drinking alcohol can descend quite quickly into destruction of the self but I know you are aware of that while it may ease your symptoms at the start that's it's trickery google demon alcohol spiritual , try as many different things as you can in place of it try all for a month get out of habit if you can take a week off school (sick) and recalibrate yourself listen to solfegio frequencies lots for panic attacks, try breathwork and eft tapping, listen to some brilliant techno and dance (Amelie lens) get out into nature as much as you can seriously hug a tree or two just look at other ways as alternative to alcohol good luck 👌

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