PhD Lit Review/Intro Chapter?

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I've gotten passed the stage of defining my research questions and theoretical framework (hopefully) and have been told to write a lit review/Intro chapter of 5000 words.

I have three months to do this so loads of time, but does anyone have any advice?

I'm an Archaeology student, have just completed a pilot study, received good feedback and have been allowed to move on to the 'next step'.

Like should the intro start going into the theory of what evolutionary mechanisms cause the behaviour that I'm studying? And then from there build up the arguments on the two sides of what I'm exploring?

Should I keep it tight, keep referring back to my research questions, and is making it well structured and concise important?

Shall I call out key people who have come out with the theories in the journal papers? I'm familiar with almost all the theory but am finding it hard to find who the key people are in the particular sub-fields.

Is what I'm doing basically the first half of what the lit review will eventually be (10,000 words)?

Any other key advice?

Thanks guys.

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