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Hi all would be much appreciated if you'd be able to help with my survey :smile: I will do other surveys in exchange !

We are recruiting participants aged 18+ who are either an employee, employer or self-employed to take our online study! You will be asked to complete a series of questions about trustworthiness, compassion and forgiveness followed by short hypothetical situations covering crimes in the UK. It will approximately take 25-30 minutes. More information can be found using the link below. We would appreciate if you partake in the study, thank you in advance. Content warning: please note topics include sexual offences, violent offences and acquisitive offences. If you feel as if you have been affected by these topics you may wish to consider if you are comfortable to participate. The questionnaire can be completed anonymously. However, at the end of the questionnaire, if you are in a position where you are responsible for recruiting people within your organisation, you will be asked if you would be interested in participating in a follow up interview and asked to provide contact details for this. Thank you for your time. Ethics approval reference: 2021_7354.
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done! could you please fill in my survey? thank you and good luck!

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