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Please fill out my survey!

Hi everyone! If anyone who has an interest in fashion & would be so kind to fill out my survey for my Masters Degree via the following link:
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I would suggest modifying the questions slightly.

I've just gotten to the page "To Determine How People Use Social Media and Why". The first question asks "which social media app do you spend the most time on?" and gives a list of apps.

There is no option for "Other" and, in particular, there is no option for "None". The target audience questions didn't filter out for people who don't use social media.

I suppose I could've figured that out from "This survey is to help determine the acts and the mindset behind consumers and their attitudes and behaviours towards social media influencers." but better questionnaire design would make that more explicit, in my opinion. I can still have an opinion on social media influencers without (presently) using social media.

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