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    (Original post by smithsfan)
    I was thinking that too.

    PS: Just another thing, you're supporting the wrong team in liverpool. Try the one that is fourth in the league
    Not another Evertonian!

    Yep, I sure do! I work for a promotional agency during the hols, plus do a bit of waitressing, and when I'm at uni I work for Priceline (it's like Boots in the UK, sells shampoos and stuff).

    Danni x

    (Original post by smithsfan)
    Fair play, I do understand. I arent at uni at the moment so I dont wanna sound really bitter anything I was just trying to imply that some people's circumstances are difeerent to others. I am sure it is very hard keeping to a tight budget like that. Do you take out the loan or just try to live from the earnings that you make in the summer???
    i have a student loan & get the maximum amount, so i live on that basically.

    & save my summer earnings, because i'm the boring saver type. :p: & no, it doesn't seem too bad at all, or especially 'tight' - just worked out i have £60 per week for the rest of term, which is ample to 'live on'!

    but yes, circumstances are certainly different.
    my lack of job during term time is pretty much inforced by the nature of the subject i'm doing & the uni i'm doing it at. but likewise, the short terms & college accomodation helps me out..so i shouldn't complain too much.

    i work during term time. tried to get a job over hols wen i went back home but noone was hiring! how pooo! i do about 2/3 nights a week and while it does mean i lose a few nights going out i love the people i work with so its really fun and we go on our own socials to make up for everything
    iv been spending looaads this term its quite bad really! accom takes a huge bulk (£860 a term) but not including that this term iv spent £30, £88, £84, £65.. (the two £80's were wen i was going a bit crazy shopping on ebay and doing massive tesco shopping).

    student loan hardly covers anything (im left with £160 for the term after iv paid for accom) so dont have much choice but to work during term time because NO ONE WUD HIRE ME OVER SUMMER!! :'(

    its possible to spend a lot less tho.. i reckon i cud do £50 a week if i was sensible. but im not lol. lets see how next week goes.....

    We dont have time to get a job interm time due to the workload and virtually all of our holidays is spent doing work experience (which is mostly unpaid!)Trying to fit in 12 weeks of workexperience doesnt really leave much time for a job - particularly if you want time to recover in between! Oh well - c'est la vie!
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