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Can I get a 6/7 in french in one month

please give advice
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Original post by username0606
please give advice

definitely. i will not lie, im not a smart kid and have the memory of a goldfish, with no exaggeration. literally did no revision for french and still came up with a 9, so if you work for 1 month you will get a 6/7 at least.

things i still wish i would have done is revise vocabulary/definitions, see if ur school has a french vocab list. practing listening exercises as well, as the voice tapes do move on quickly. for french speaking try to work on ur french accent (i stuttered a lot but still didnt lose grades because my accent was good apparently xd)

good luck ((:
Original post by username0606
please give advice

You can get a 6/7 in one day. GCSEs are for kids and they are incredibly easy. Languages are especially easy because all you have to do is cram vocab and grammar, then practice forming sentences and repeat. Easy stuff. I got an A* in GCSE French and an A in A-Level French. The subject is so easy that if you get anything less than a B then you're a sod.
For listening, listen to French. For reading, learn vocabulary from a vocabulary list (maybe on Quizlet or Memrise). For writing, memorise good grammatical structures and use the vocabulary you learnt. For speaking, do the same but practise your pronunciation. Listening improves pronunciation, reading improves writing, speaking improves writing and listening, and writing improves speaking.
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You could try finding some Quizlets to help you memorise the key vocab, there are ones with pretty much all the vocab you need to know on them. Also, I would recommend learning your tenses really well for the writing - to get full marks I believe you need 5 correctly used tenses, so you could use any from present, near future, distant future, perfect, imperfect, recent past, subjunctive, pluperfect, conditional, past conditional - you can also repeat yourself a lot in the writing because different questions are marked by different people, so if you have one or two really good phrases you can use them in both. You also need to give a couple of opinion phrases and use two or three interesting structures e.g. Apres avoir, avant de, il est important de, ce qui est plus important pour moi dans La vie etc.
That should boost your grades by a lot.
I hope this helps

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