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Is 6.5-7 in enough

My d*** size is about 6.5 inch long erect, measured without pressing onto pelvic pad(None-bone pressed). But pressing onto it by hand/ruler(Bone pressed), I can make it look longer- about 7 inches. My girth is around 5 inches. Is this enough to satisfy ladies, and make their ***** rly wet/sqwert naturally? Ik it’s not p*** sized, but I really wanna turn on a girl just by my penis size. I am also a shorter guy (5ft 6) which makes my boner very noticeable sometimes.
We know two things from research -

1. the average penis length is just over 5 inches
2. when men measure their own penis length they exaggerate.

You're biggest problem will be your small height putting girls off, before they even get near your penis.

Good luck
Girls are nothing like as bothered about penis length as men. If you think your penis size is going to turn girls on you are likely mistaken. Gay/bi men may be more interested.
The average is around inches, no more, so you are 'well-endowed' with length. Girth is more important to girls, who enjoy feeling 'filled'. Yours is about average in that respect.
At the end of the day it's not whether you have a big or small one but whether you know (or can quickly learn) what to do with it in order to fully satisfy girls and make them want to come back for more
It usually for 9/10 girls doesn't make an difference.
im getting wet just thinking about your d*** going in me
Original post by lexihxoxo
im getting wet just thinking about your d*** going in me


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