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Can someone in their 30s get Alzheimer's?

I am going through some stressful time. Not "some".
I am having a very stressful time with my controlling mum. I don't know if that is the reason I forget some stuff. For example, I met a girl who told me about her brother and sis in law in October 2021. Today, I was struggling to remember what she said about him. After some time, I remembered.
I find some times that my short term memory is bad, but my long term memory is good. I don't have Alzheimer's do I ? I don't have any other symptom of Alzheimer's except problems with short term memory.

Can a lot of stress cause memory problems?
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Its possible, rather rare though. From what youve said it simply sounds like you forgot something though. I wouldnt immediately jump to such a grave conclusion

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