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UoL international programme degree vs Oxford

I want to study economics and management at university and I have become interested in the UoL international programme degree. However, my parents keep ignoring that and only focussing on the uni of Oxford as they think it's a big name and will be the only way for me to have a successful career.

Would it really matter which one I go to since they are both prestigious? Will I only get better job opps and career if I go to Oxford?
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With all due respect Econ and Management at Oxford is the #1 most difficult degree to get into in the UK. It’s even harder for an international to get it, your parents have to understand this. You might as well apply because you may have slightly higher graduate prospects, but this is negligible if you go to any other top institutions in the UK. UoL has some amazing institutions, LSE and UCL grads dominate top finance firms and even if not at these unis, it’s more about the person and not only the university they went to! Oxford is NOT the only way to have a successful career the vast majority of people (including some Uber successful people) don’t go to Oxford. At the end of the day it’s YOUR life not your parents, and you can easily make a name for yourself if you are a smart, hard worker, regardless of where you go to uni.

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