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reporting sexual assault

Hi. (discussion of SA)
So a few months ago i was in a relationship with someone who didn't respect my boundries at all. He was very manipulative and used coercian to force me to do things which i never wanted to do and said he loved me to pressure me. Although this happens throughout the relationship, there was a time where he wouldn't stop despite me saying that i dont want to and it was painful multiple times, he wouldn't stop. i don't have any proof of what he did to me but it has affected me extremely emotionally. Now, i am worried that he may manipulate another girl in a similiar way and prehaps become violent with her. Im not sure who to tell in this circustance, i kind of just want it to be on the record so if something similiar or worse happened to another girl and she was to report this to the police with evidence it would be additional proof if that makes sense. I realise that without proof there isnt much i can do right now, this is more about protecting other women who may find themselves in a similiar/worse situation with this man. Im not sure if that makes sense but any advice of what i could do would be appreciated.
Thank youu
Did he ever use violence, grope you or attempt to sexually attack you after you said "NO"? :confused:

You can file a report online if you live in London.
But when you do so, you have to be absolutely certain that you are willing to tell the police that he has commited a specific crime, the date-time-venue that the crime occurred and that you are willing to fully cooperate with their investigation
Including giving evidence at any future trial in relation to the offence that he committed against you.

It is very common for exes with a history of violence, sex crimes or domestic abuse against a former partner to deny that any of the allegations of criminality made by the victim ever happened and allege that the ex is a malicious liar or delusional.
Even more common for a habitually abusive ex who knows that they have no choice but to admit to some events or risk being proved a liar by forensic evidence or cctv footage to tell a clever story that falsely alleges the victim consented at first when they never did.
Then apologising for 'accidentally' causing at least one injury or losing control in anger and committing a less harshly punishable crime in the heat of the moment.

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