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Which exam board are you taking?

Welcome to the GCSE Physics Study Group!

This is where you can chat to others students taking your subject as you prepare for your GCSE exams this summer.

What can I do in these groups?

Almost anything! If you need help with a certain topic, want to rant about something you are struggling with or just want to support other students who are trying to prepare, this is the place for you. We want these to be a useful place for everyone no matter what you're looking for!

What can't I do in these groups?

Asking or offering copyright papers is against our site rules, and so is taking conversation off-site to do these things. Any posts doing this will be removed. That's the only rule

Ice Breaker questions if you want to use them!

> What exam board are you on? (Vote in the poll as well!)

> What bits of the course are you feeling confident with?

> What areas are you struggling with a little?

> Have you found any resources online that have helped you prepare?

Specifications and Advance Information:

AQA Spec // AQA Advance Information

Edexcel Spec // Edexcel Advance Information

OCR A Spec // OCR A Advance Information

OCR B Spec // OCR B Advance Information

Good luck with the next few months. Remember, ask for help, support where you can and together we can do this!
Want more info on AQA Physics Advance Information? Check out this handy TSR guide! :smile:
Original post by 17APirasinthan

Hey there! Have you seen the GCSE Exam Discussions thread? You'll find a chat thread on there for each of your exams :smile:
Check it out here.

Good luck

MP :smile:

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