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Driving Test in London

I've been changing instructors and moving cities while learning to drive (COVID disrupted the lessons) and I now have a test booked in South London in a few months, are there any tips specifically for doing tests in London? I've had around 30 hours already and planning to get a bunch more in but I can drive well and my maneuvers are improving but there's so many cyclists to watch for in London which throws me off on the occasion. I've heard the pass rate is typically lower in London too so any advice is much appreciated :smile:
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Your observations are absolutely key. You need eyes everywhere. Not only what is happening ahead of you but behind you is equally important.

Get into the habit of not just 'looking' in the mirror but consciously noting the colour of car/lorry how far away they are and at what is happening to the gap between them and you. Do this in the rear view mirror and on the right side and left side mirrors.

Whenever you set of (particularly at traffic lights) consciously think 'CHECK' as you look in the left door mirror and 'CHECK' again as you look in the right door mirror - So set off - "CHECK CHECK" mirrors at set off - and before you change lane (right or left) Kiss the parrot - look over your shoulder (check your blind spots)

Good luck out there
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and before you change lane (right or left) Kiss the parrot - look over your shoulder (check your blind spots)

Please please please, do not look over your shoulder when changing lanes, that's what your mirrors are for. When driving at low speed a quick glance into a blind spot is fine, but if you start looking over your shoulder especially at speed you're likely to wander off course with your steering or you won't react in time to what's happening in front of you. This can be dangerous!
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Not as dangerous as killing someone when your poor observations and mirror use have missed them sitting in your blind spot? Seen it time after time with motorbikes & cyclists being victim to this. But you will have plenty of time in prison then to think about why you should check?

If you can't check a quick sideways glance without veering off course should you really be taking a driving test?

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