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hey do u know what the answer to In micropropagation, small pieces of plant tissue can grow into new individuals. Explain why small pieces of animal tissue cannot grow into new individuals.(2 marks) is
In micropropagation, tissue explants are most commonly taken from the meristem of the plant. The meristem contains plant stem cells, which differ from animal stem cells in a few key ways. First, they are responsible for the continuous growth of the plant body. Second, they are totipotent meaning they can differentiate into any form of specialised cell (and thus grow into a new individual) whereas animal stem cells (in adults) are multipotent at best and as a result can only differentiate to form specific tissues and are incapable of growing into complete individuals.
I should add that many mature plant cells possess the ability to de-differentiate and undergo cell division but I doubt this will be on the mark scheme. I think the key concept here is the totipotency of plant cells.
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