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ethics a level essays are a JOKE pls help meee

I take the ocr a level philosophy exam board and I'm in year 12 doing my ppe's in may-june. I'm doing well in DCT and the philosophy part and starting to get As here. but with the ethics one, I can't get higher than a B ( i need an A for uni). there's something about ethics essays that always trip me up and the structure is lost to me. Like I just did one on utilitarianism ("it's impossible to measure pleasure" evaluate in reference to act and rule) which was so hard to write.

so can anyone give me some advice on how to structure ethics essays in particular because I can't wrap my head around it? TYYY
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For measuring pleasure related to act/rule util these are good options for paragraphs:

Bentham vs mill on higher/lower pleasures

Bentham vs mill on the use of the hedonic calculus vs following of rules

Issues facing both thinkers regarding problems calculating/measuring pleasure including its subjectivity and predicting the future

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