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SFW Masters extra year Compelling personal reasons

@SFW Student Finance Adviser Hi, Could you please if you could some shed light on my question. After reading the guidelines available I'm I correct in understanding that student finance England will consider all compelling persona reasons ( CPR) for postgraduate courses and if accepted to be compelling reasons then new funding for another year will be granted ,regardless of which masters degree it the extra year of funding is needed for, be it the same MSc at the same University or a new MSc after a period away from study.

However, In the guidelines on the SFW for postgraduate it states the following:

"COMPELLING PERSONAL REASONS (CPR) Under Regulation 10 (Exception 8) students are ineligible for PG Master’s Funding from SFW where they have received student support for undertaking a previous standalone master’s course. However, access to further PG Master’s Funding may be available where the student did not complete the previous course due to compelling personal reasons (CPR) (Regulation 10 (Exception 8)). If the student is awarded funding due to CPR, they will receive a full new entitlement for the new course. Repeat PG Master’s Funding due to CPR may only be awarded once per student (Regulation 10(3)). Academic performance alone will not constitute a CPR, although SFW will consider each case individually. Note that there is not a definitive list of reasons that can be deemed as a ‘CPR’. The student must provide evidence to support a claim that withdrawal from a Postgraduate Master’s Funding AY 2021/22 32 OFFICIAL OFFICIAL OFFICIAL OFFICIAL previous course was for a CPR, such as medical evidence or evidence of a personal or family crisis. Repeat funding is not available for a repeat year or part year of a course that the student is currently undertaking. Refer to the SFW “Assessing eligibility” Guidance for further information on the application of CPR. Please note, policy rules surrounding CPR exist to allow students that have already utilised their one time access to PG Master’s Funding another full round of funding. This may be required following any instance where a student’s first period of eligibility for support has ended and the student has not achieved a master’s qualification, including where a student withdraws from their course. If a student returns to their course following a withdrawal and can demonstrate CPR, as the student is starting a new period of eligibility, the student must be undertaking the full master’s course in order to be eligible for PG Master’s Funding."

In my situation it's It's a STEM MSc at University in Wales that is one year full time normally, but due to compelling personal reasons its now 2 years of full time study.

Your advice is most appreciated.


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