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Help! computer science masters UCL

I'd like to apply for the compsci masters at UCL. I kind of just wanted some insight/advice on getting accepted.

My undergrad course is business management and entrepreneurship but since this is a conversion course, it should be fine. I'm on track for a 1st Grade. I've started learning python but haven't had any formal education on programming.

They ask for some maths knowledge to at least a-level grade, I didn't do maths a-level, I'm not sure what to do about that requirement... I mean i could do a course but not sure I can learn enough maths a-level material in a short time.. My maths knowledge is pretty average..
As for work experience I'm doing an internship at an AI consulting tech company but my role is based in business development.

Do I stand a chance?

(Im also applying to imperial college (less requirements thats why) and nottingham as a backup option)
Hi @ehelsan0. I think you should give UCL a try! You stated you're on track to get a First-Class Honours, which is a great start. If you include the programming courses you've done online in your CV, that would demonstrate your computing skills.

As for the maths knowledge, you could tell them in your personal statement that you've been setting aside time to learn the required maths. When I applied for MSc Artificial Intelligence, it required me to know Linear Algebra. So, I told them in my personal statement that I've been studying Linear Algebra 3-4 hours a day. I managed to get into all the universities I've applied for.

Hope this helps! Good luck with your applications :smile:
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