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Thoughts on the Beta Squad's Sikh comments?

If you don't know who they are they are a group of YouTubers. They did a fake employee prank in a grocery store and said some comments. They said to the shop assistant " do you want to hear a secret", "do you want to play hide & seek" and "I think it's kind of seek that you're sikh". I personally think it's not bad and people are overreacting a bit. I think if it was bad it's fine because they apologised and everyone makes mistakes. I think people should just forget it now and move on. People still go on about it but they comment on the video, if they are that offended by it they don't have to watch the Beta Squad.

What are your thoughts?
i agree
Disgusting - disappointed with content of “old man” getting offensive phone call. No warning prior to sexual content and young boys were fans listening. Lost them as fans!! Disgusting!!

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