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To those who got an a* in their EPQ, what did u do

Please help. Is there a success criteria or a specific topic or writing style to follow ??
Hi I didn't get an A* but am predicted an A. I would say do it on something that actually interests you as then it will be more enjoyable. Update your activity log every time you work on your EPQ. Talk about why you decided to do something as well as this can get you a lot of marks. E.g. "I decided to change my question from question A to Question B as Question A was too broad and there were little resources that I could access that would allow me to conduct my research efficiently. Question B focuses more on (insert topic) which would allow me to answer this question in more detail and there are more available resources."
Or something like
"I decided to discuss my ideas with fellow EPQ students as they provided me with honest feedback on my ideas and encouraged me to improve my time management skills. This is something I agree that I need to work on as I will then be able to complete my EPQ on time and time management is a skill that I want to develop for university."
In your evaluation, discuss the things you did well and the things you didn't do so well in AND how you would improve this in the future.
If you want to apply to University for something like medicine it may also be beneficial to do your EPQ on a medical topic.
If you have any more questions just ask and I hope this helps :smile:
Good (free) online course "How to Do an EPQ" -
Original post by McGinger
Good (free) online course "How to Do an EPQ" -

Also do lots and lots of reflection and evidence it. Reflect in your timescale task list as well as your sheets, explain your decisions for everything and make some changes along the way as it gives you more to talk about.

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