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Deciding between higher biology and higher computing, which do I take?

I need to choose my subjects very soon and I'm having trouble deciding.

My main question is how much does computer science help me get into a CS related university course, and whether it's worth it (I currently hate it at nat5, and probably same for higher).

I have recently picked up an interest in BCI's (and subsequently bio(medical) engineering) so I have thought about crashing higher human biology instead of computer science (plus I'd be in the same classes as all my friends :biggrin:).

In summary, is it still possible (realistically) to get into a CS-related course at uni without Higher/AH CS as I would personally prefer human biology and taking it could open up further choices in the future.
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From what I know from University websites and requirment I think a qualification in computing science would be helpful but it is not required, whereas for biomedical or any bio course will need and require Higher Biolgy/Human Biology. I would say take Human Biology because it is always require and you like it better.

Hope that helps

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