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Geography Eduqas Case Studies (A Level)


Barely any revision material available online, trying to find case studies to use. For Global Governance/Oceans, I have McDonalds (TNC), Afghanistan (Migration), South China Sea, Panama Canal and Great Barrier Reef. Linking into ecosystems, I have Arctic Tundra and the Amazon Rainforest and the Aral Sea and Peatlands (with the latter two being used for water and carbon stores too). For Africa, I have Cyclone Idai, as well as oil in Nigeria. For tectonics I have an LIC and HIC for both Earthquakes and Volcanoes, followed by (finally) the Olympic Park regeneration (for changing places). We are yet to finish dunes, so I haven't made any yet for that.

Will this be sufficient? I also have general information, particularly in global governance from doing economics. Thanks in advanced ! :smile:
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