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Benefits of genetic inheritance

What are the benefits of genetic inheritance?
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Do you the advantages of the fact that inheritance occurs due to the presence/function of genes?

Ok as below:-
a] DNA is a stable molecule so is preserved well in individual + progeny
b] There are 4 N bases in DNA/RNA and we have the triplet code so that the gene can code for 4^3 = 64 amino acids [there are 21 in nature, so more than enough].- this trend can be passed on to progeny easily.
c] The fact that a gene can be potentially extremely long [numerous no of bases] means that the ability of coding for massive protein molecules [which determine the phenotype] is inherited by progeny.
d] Evolution is made possible by the existence of genes in that advantageous characteristics are preserved and concentrated over generations [survival of the fittest].

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What are the benefits of genetic inheritance?

Variation, more likely to survive, less susceptible to genetic disease, more spread of alleles, etc.

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