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Reactivity of organic molecules

Hi, i am currently doing an assignment on the reactivity of organic molecules in terms of functional groups, polar bonds and pi bonds but i am completely stumped and have no idea what to write, and when i research it i get even more confused! anyone have any idea where to start as i only have a 750 word count!
I would start by describing how the functional groups, polar bonds or pi bonds affect the reactivity of organic molecules. What makes them most/least reactive? Good luck.
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I would agree with BlueChicken's above post, start with functional groups and what type of reactions they undergo. Then you can branch off into how for example adding various substituents onto the functional groups makes them or/less able to undergo a particular reaction.
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i am clueless what is a pi bond :s-smilie:
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thanks,:smile: but i am still in gcse
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If your doing gcse chemistry then try the gcse organic section :

the only functional groups you probably do at gse are alkanes, alkenes, alcohols, carboxylic, esters there are section in this site which covers this at gcse level

hope this helps a little. If you message me with what you have I am happy to take a look at it for you!!
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look on at the gcse revision pages as well
by reactions do you mean additional substitution, electrophilic substitution etc
do you have anything for a-level? i am currently studying an access course which is the equivalent to level 3 and really struggling to find anything!

its not complete but it has AS stuff

chemguide is good and also

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