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what are the strikes about??

as someone currently at the uni of sussex, i want to raise awareness about the strikes that have been happening for a long time, and are currently taking place in universities across the UK, and the student actions of solidarity such as marches, occupations of university buildings, and sit-ins.

and most importantly, i want to tell YOU the important role YOU can play!

university staff's work is being UNDERVALUED, the pay gaps are SEXIST and RACIST, and pensions are being DRIVEN DOWN. we students stand in solidarity with our lecturers, researchers, and university staff - apart from the management team who are making these exploitative decisions, on six-figure salaries!!

as students applying now, you have the power to hold universities accountable! when you're at open days and applicant days, ask members of staff at the university how the strikes impacted working conditions at the uni; email the universities you've been offered places at about the treatment of its staff. and the most important part... THREATEN TO WITHHOLD YOUR PLACE AT THE UNIVERSITY IF WORKING CONDITIONS DON'T IMPROVE FOR THEIR STAFF..... do you really want to pay £9k a year to a management team who exploit its workers?? the erosion of rights of the staff will mean erosion of rights of the student body - WE NEED TO STAND TOGETHER IN SOLIDARITY.

read up on the UCU's strike demands, follow NUS on twitter, tell your peers and friends about the strikes and sit-ins, put up posters in your school or college, email the universities you've been given offers from, call up universities saying you're an offer holder. mass action makes change!!
I am not striking, but appreciate the info and support. If anyone wants a bit more regarding the current round of strikes, it can be found here:

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