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Dive into a world of kingdoms and dragons (Gameplay with Baby Queen)

What are your favourite fantasy or medieval-themed game soundtracks? As usual, my true answer is likely something from Heroes of Might and Magic, but I've posted so many tracks from that series in earlier threads. :laugh: So with variation in mind, here's a delightful track from Stronghold, another game from my teenage years that I have plenty of nostalgia for!


What's yours? :smile:
I'm about to listen to this one. Thoughts to follow when I'm done! :horse:
Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Things Worth Living For: Thankfully Baby Queen introduced this track, because it isn't named on the playlist! Fantastic start. :laugh: Grand, orchestral piece, not music I associate with that era, but nice enough.

Kingdoms and Castles - Gracanica: Okay, the tracklist indicator IS working! Okay track, not something I'd choose to listen to in its own right.

Child of Light - Pilgrims on a Long Journey: Much more my cup of tea. Definite sad undertones.

Famaze - The Wizard: Retro-themed game, with a retro-inspired sound. Very nice.

Dante's Inferno - The Defeat of Lucifer: Again, lucky that Baby Queen introduced this one, because the track indicator still said we were listening to Famaze - The Wizard (though the obvious change in music style made it clear that wasn't the case). This one sounded suitably dramatic.

Dragon Age Origins - The Chantry's Hubris: Solid.

Final Fantasy IX - A Place to Call Home: Now that's more the stereotypical medieval sound I've come to expect! Love it. :biggrin:

Chivalry 2 - Relics of the Great War: Fine. Probably would have liked it more if it didn't follow on from the fantastic FFIX track.

Mordhau - The Pit: Very interesting. :yy:

Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Son of Fjord: Grew on me.

The Witcher 3 - Wind in the Caroberta Woods: Cold and mysterious.

New World - Homeward Bound: Similar style to the previous track, but warmer and more welcoming.

For the King - Combat Most Dire: Music most fun! :biggrin:

Dark Souls 3 - Soul of Cinder: Decent.

Enclave - Main Theme: More my kind of music. And I was NOT ready for the vocals near the end!

Valheim - Home: A Place to Enjoy: Nice calming outro.

Overall, a fine set of music. My only complaints were with the actual playlist itself, which was missing the first track, and didn't always synch up with the others either. Shame they can't iron out these tech issues, I wonder if other BBC Sounds shows have the same problem? :hmmmm2:
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