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Is it possible to switch from psychology to psychiatry?

Been thinking a lot about my future career and I'm unsure on whether I want to pursue psychology or psychiatry. I think I might be stuck with psychology, but I'm down to hear if there's any potential in changing - especially since I haven't actually started my career yet (I'm starting undergrad psychology in September)
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I am aware that psychiatry is a medical speciality. I suppose my real question is:

if you did not do chem/bio for A levels, is it possible to ever get into med school? Is med school something that you have to have been aiming towards from the age of 15/16 for it to be possible?
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Thank you :smile: By the sounds of it, I reckon I'm pretty much stuck with psychology unless I want to take A level Bio and Chem privately as an older student to even begin getting into a med school. Based on what med students say about the intensity of med school, I reckon psychology is the way for me anyway. Some people just don't got it!
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I appreciate the encouraging words! :biggrin: What things exactly must be planned in advance, though? I am not the most knowledgeable on the subject (in case you couldn't tell lol) and any info you are willing to share about the process is greatly appreciated :smile:
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Currently, I'm doing A level Psychology and BTEC lvl3 Business, about to start an undergrad in psychology (because I was really set on aiming to be a clinical psychologist).

As it stands, I am FARRRRR off from where one needs to be to become a psychiatrist. Your info is more for me to see exactly how far off I am and whether it is worth the time, effort and money to pursue it anyway. The whole psychiatry pathway would purely be for financial gain since clinical psychologists and psychiatrists do a lot of similar stuff within their roles, but psychiatrists generally get paid more. :smile:
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Sounds like some solid advice, thanks !!
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I would like to go into physyciatry what year med school are you in? can you still have a life out of uni?

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