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Spanish or Eng Lit/Lang as an A-Level?

I’m choosing Maths, Computer Science and Economics as my A-level options. The sixth form I’m applying to requires you to pick 4 A-level subjects for year 12, one can be dropped by year 13. I was wondering which out of Eng Lit/Lang and Spanish is more manageable and would be better for me to pick. If anybody takes these A-Levels, please tell me which one you find more enjoyable and not as time consuming.

For reference, my grades in Spanish are 8/9s. My grades in Eng Lit/Lang are 6/7s.
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If your GCSE grades are higher in Spanish, Spanish might be the better option since you'll have a heavy courseload with four A levels. I'm taking German and English Literature. I think German is a bit more straightforward than English Literature except for studying the topic information, and English Literature is probably more hit-or-miss based on whether you enjoy and are good at the subject. Also, English Literature involves more applied analysis while German involves more memorization.

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