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Organic chemistry help!!!:((

Why is the answer c? I thought it was bimage.jpg
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Original post by Sarwat.
Why is the answer c? I thought it was b

picture of the q?
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Original post by aliaa03
picture of the q?

Yeah I posted it now (:
Hey there! This one is a bit of a trick question. The question is asking you to identify which molecule is made IN the mechanism of the reaction rather than identifying the major product (the wording is weird and annoying). You are totally right that B would be the correct answer for the product of the reaction so great job in that regard! However, they are wanting you to pick out the carbocation intermediate that is formed through this reaction.

In electrophilic addition, while Br is ultimately added, what "steals" and electron from the double bond is the H atom from the HBr. This will create the CH3-CH-CH3. Since the middle carbon now has a positive charge, it is eager to accept the lone pair of electrons that Br has to offer and that will result in the major product that you identified.

So basically you had the right idea but the question was just looking for a different step in the mechanism.
I hope that helps!
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Because it tends to form a stable carbocation.
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Oh ok that makes sense thank you so much!!!

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