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The rate of sweating changes between 24 minutes and 36 minutes.
Explain how this change helps to maintain the person’s normal body temperature
I don’t have time to research at the moment, but from what I know:
- Water has a high latent heat of vaporisation, this means when your body temperature rises, heat (thermal energy) will transfer to the water and it will evaporate. Since it’s *high* latent heat, it means it takes more energy to vaporise, so your body temperature can cool down.

I just read your question again and my information is too advanced and a bit unrelated. To answer the question, you should write something like:
- Sweating reduces body temp via the water evaporating. It carries the heat away.
- Higher rate of sweating means the excess energy/heat is transferred away. This cools the body down to the normal body temperature.

This is my attempt at answering the question.
Hope it helps.
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