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So I do love my family a lot. I live with my brother , dad and mom. I think that they are very good overall and I’m grateful for them and that they have given me a lot in my life and supported me throughout some tough times in my life.

me , my mom and dad call ourselves believers of God but they are very ignorant of politics and social issues to which for me they are very important especially since as a believer I belive in making the world a better place for people. I also believe that there is only one love , one god , one truth.

I spend most of the time with my mom and I began to start to discuss with her some of these problems that I find important but unfortunately she gets very angry and defensive when I speak about things like this which to me dosnet connect because I would understand if she was one of those people who avoids politics and does their own thing but my mom is someone who has the news on all day from morning till night, Dosent read any books, watches politicians , relies on the information they use which is often ideologically based propaganda and she even goes as far as discuss politics with me but when I try to advise her, as someone who reads more than relies on news , follows the bible and studies history at school ( not meaning that im a know it all or anything just that I pay attention to these things definitely more than her ) she gets very angry with me and tells me that she Dosent need politics , that she’s old , sick and that it’s for the youth yet she spends most her time watching the news and getting angry at politicians ….

Whilst I understand that my mom is much older than me , has her own many issues and is tired I think that it’s a matter of attitude from her side because although she dosnet have free time all day she does spend most of her free time ( hours ) watching the news 24/7 and being on her phone on social media mindlessly , she dosnet read or look for the actual facts and information and believe just about anything she hears from the news and articles not analysing it so really it just cancels out when she tries to give those arguments that I mentioned before.

Of course I can ignore that and just do my own thing but it’s the fact that god and issues are very important to me and like especially when I see family and others been ignorant to world problems it just hurts me as a human being especially since as a believer I think there’s only one love , one truth and one god .

My mom dosent see the issues that way when there’s a refugee crisis for example she will cry about the refugees but when I talk about the refugees but try to educate on what is actually causing the refugee crisis she gets mad at me and says stuff like that she’s talking about the normal people not some political theories and okay but like if you care about people truly you will care about aid and helping them but isn’t it also right to try to resolve the system that’s causing them to be refugees in the first place?

I don’t really know what to do she just dosnet want to listen or believe me and is very ignorant and I would say even hypocritical in a way . I wish that family and all round me wouldn’t be so ignorant and it’s hard for me to wrap my head around it as I feel quite lonely with these thoughts even though many do agree with me .

I don’t really have anyone in real life I could share a bond of trying to help the world be less ignorant etc and my mom even goes as far sometimes as scoffing , shaking her head at me , telling me that I dream of impossible things , that it’s a waste of time to speak of world peace and even mocks me with comments like “ oh there’s a priest job application why don’t you go?” Etc it’s just so painful for me . I really do believe in world peace and I don’t think it’s a waste of time
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Trying to tell your parents how the world works in their own home - seems kind of obvious it's likely to cause tension when put like that...

World peace is a lovely idea but the trouble is anyone who's been alive for a good while knows fine well that the hubris and greed of people are why we can't have it and that knowledge simply hardens some people, that's how they get by. Peace is something you need to go and enforce, not stay home and vote for imo,

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