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Notts for Natural Sciences or Keele for Medicine
(edited 2 years ago)
Paraphrasing someone wiser than me, “if you’re struggling to decide between medicine and something else, do something else”.
Do you want to be a doctor? If so, you will need to study medicine. If not, there's not a whole lot of point studying medicine.

(insert standard comment about how it doesn't matter which university you study medicine at, if the issue in your mind is Keele vs Durham).
As above - if you are even contemplating Natural Sciences 'instead' then don't do Medicine.

Mediciine is a 5 year degree then several more years before you are fully qualified. And its tough - both the course and the job.
Natural Sciences - all the fun of the fair without the vocational focus. Lots of opportunities for more specialised postgrad and interesting jobs.

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