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STDs from receiving oral

A guy of unknown status who slept around A LOT went down on me a week ago. Which STDs am I likely to get? I read about chlamydia etc, but what about HPV or heptatitis A/B/C and HIV? I am so anxious about this right now and have to wait 3 months to get tested for the latter ones. We had sex WITH a condom and it didn't break and I DIDN'T go down on him. But I read catching any STD as a woman by RECEIVING oral is 30 percent? And everything is a bit itchy now to be honest.
Im not a professional but since you cannot get tested at the moment for some of them, try your best not to worry about it. Its good that you used a condom.
By any chance, did you get an HPV vaccine?
Since its a bit itchy if you want you can get it checked out with a doctor, it will also help you ease up the anxiety. Also do remember there are many other reasons that can cause itchiness like UTI or yeast infection.
Chance of getting an STI from receiving oral sex are miniscule. Really I wouldn't worrry.

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