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how the hell can i stop being scared to lift weights

so i’ve been going gym for a month now. my main goal has been to lift weights so i can gain some muscle and strength. however every time i go i always just go to the treadmill or other machines. i have not even gone to the weights sections. it’s always busy and filled with big muscular men whereas i probably can’t even lift 5kg. i mainly want to do hip thrusts but i have no idea where to start, or where do i actually do it? it just feels embarrassing because i’ve never done it and probably going to do it completely wrong. just looking for advice for people that are hella shy in the gym.
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At the gym no one will start judging you. You’re there to improve - they’ll respect it. Secondly, usually gyms have staff, you can ask them to show you each bit of equipment and then they’ll help you get started and build up confidence. Hope it works out for you! :smile:

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