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Pioneering soundtracks from women making waves (Gameplay)

I'll be honest, despite all the game music I've been posting here for months, I don't normally pay much attention to the composers outside of 2-3 faves, so I had to go digging to find out if any of the OSTs I like were created by women... as I expected from a male-dominated industry, most weren't. I was about to give up and post a track by Yuki Kajiura (whose music I like, but I only know through her anime OSTs, not her game ones), but then I finally found a less cheaty contribution!

Walking simulator Dear Esther is a mysterious, atmospheric walking simulator that I played almost a decade ago according to Steam. I don't remember much about it, but I do remember liking the music, and that music was composed by Jessica Curry.

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Listening to this as I pack for this weekend's big anime convention. :waffo: So I probably won't be able to comment on each individual track as I have been doing, but I'll share my overall thoughts after it ends. :smile:
Okay, I lied. But they're only going to be quick individual thoughts, as I run from my PC to the suitcase and back. :p:

Loved the first track (Celeste - First Steps), piano + synth is a winning combo.

Castlevania YES. Certain we had this theme in another, very early Gameplay episode, but I'm not complaining, it's awesome.

Mega Man YES. Short but sweet.

'Penzor Dragoon (sic) - A Premonition of Battle' was very much my kind of music.

KHII music was fine.

WoW track was epic.

Sci-fi BGM from 'Battlefield 2042 - Orbital', okay I guess.

'So Let Us Melt - Main Theme' was by Jessica Curry, same composer as my own track submission for the week! I actually prefer this to her Dear Esther soundtrack, I'm a sucker for good choral chanting.

Pleasant track from SimAnimals. Definitely the same vibes as music from the main series Sims games that I'm more familiar with.

Prince of Persia track was solid.

Really liked 'EverQuest II - Qeynos'.

'Telling Lies - Trust' was sublime, great guitar, piano and violin.

Another Eden track was great as well.

Dark and atmospheric stuff from 'Anthem - In the Shadow of the Gods'.

'Mimic Arena' from Neon Skank was great. Sounds like a few tracks from the Entomorph soundtrack, but FAR less over the top.

Mario Kart 8 Rainbow Road YES.

More Mega Man Music, fittingly an ending theme, and it has that unmistakable ending feel to it. Lovely tune.

Top playlist, would recommend. :yy:

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