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November 2021 AQA English Literature Poetry Question

Does anyone know what the printed poem was in November from the Love and Relationship anthology?

Trying to organise my revision and figure the same poem and/or theme are unlikely to come up twice in a row.
I strongly advise against that- i had ozymandias for both of my mocks and my GCSE when i did it- anything can come up doesn’t matter when it last came up
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I have done our for poetry (it was walking away/mother any distance)- I am planning for the actual exam,

Was your mock set by teachers or by the school?

My teacher advises we know 2 family and 2 romantic poems really well so we can compare them with whatever comes up. To me it makes sense to concentrate on to poems that have come up before. All, poems will be revised, just 4 more than others.

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