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Ok so I'd recieved my first three offers from Bath, Cardiff and Manchester to do Mechanical Engineering.
Atleast so I believed, I recieved the letter from Manchester telling me I'd been offer to do a foundation year followed by the ordinary masters course.

I am from Sweden and I am doing the ordinary Swedish course, focused on maths and physics as much as it's possible. Certainly the language would be a problem but I wouldn't mind taking a test and get work to do before attending the uni.

I have perfect grades, have participated in physics/programming competitions both nationally and internationally.

I don't really care about the fact I won't be going to Manchester as I never intended to but somehow it offends me. I understand that maybe I shouldn't be as elegible as maybe IB or ordinary english applicants but what throws me off is that I have to other offers for Mech Engineering out of which one is more popular then manc and I also got pooled by Cambridge which should have more difficult criterieas (seeing as my interview was crap only my application mattered so it should be sufficient).

I mailed the tutor for the foundation year and she told me to contact some else which had for some reason found me not elegible. This person hasn't answered for a few weeks now so I've given up.

I know it's kinda trivial but it matters to me so what's your take on this?

Even though Cambridge pooled me what I'm looking to achieve is getting an offer from ICL and if not even manchester (yes arrogant again, I apologize I don't mean it as it sounds) won't give me one why would ICL?
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