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A level chemistry help- URGENT

Hi, so I just realised I have an extra piece of homework I need to do. I have to give it in today but I forgot abt it. I can do it but it will take long to learn it and do it. I je i it’s bad but can anyone tell me the answers for this

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Temp used - 350 degrees as the forward reaction is exothermic, so decreasing the temperature will shift position of equilibrium to the right hand side and increase yield of ammonia

pressure used - around 350-400 atm as there's 4 moles on the left hand side of the equation but there's 2 mols on the right hand side, so if you increase pressure/ use a high pressure, the position of equilibrium will shift to the right hand side where there's fewer moles of gas to try reverse the change

catalyst - iron catalyst, increases rate of reaction by providing an alternative pathway where a higher proportion of particles have energy > the activation energy and can collide successfully and react.

hope this helps !!

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