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Parents will not let me go to university, forced Ministry School (church school)

Cannot believe this has actually happened but short version of the story: parents will not allow me to go to university because they believe I am not strong in my faith to deal with the dangers of university life like drinking and smoking. Anything I say to defend my case they say that I am just being manipulated by the devil and that I don't actually want to go to university I just want to get away from them.

The long story of this is just a continuation of the previous paragraph... They decided this yesterday after my sister had a chat with the pastor. However, I already talked to a different pastor in the church to talk about what I should do at university. The response I got was, "since you deal with same sex attraction, I don't think university life is for you, go to Ministry school instead." What I basically got from that was, "You're gay? No uni for you." Literally wtf.

I'm not out to my family for various reasons or the pastor but anyway, that same pastor talked to my sister about my decision to go to university , she told my parents and for some reason, since 2 pastors agreed that university life is not for me right now because it might get me in a bad environment of drinking, smoking and more (even though I already have to deal with that where I am and do it anyway), my family took that as being a sign from God and now they won't sign any uni papers needed to go.
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What uni papers are needed for you to go? I have fully applied with nothing needed from my parents so far
You'll be 18 at that point no? I think you can apply as an estranged student if you want also so you'll get extra support

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