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English lit distance learning

So I dropped out of sixth form 2 years in a row and decided to try distance learning instead since it worked well for my gcses and I hated the school environment. I’m planning on taking English literature which was one of my best subjects and I want to do it with ICS learn since I already started the course at my old school.

Does anyone have any advice for how to to study English Lit A level independently?
I'm self-studying A level English Literature too. Recommendations I've seen are York Notes if they have them for your texts, past papers and the very important mark schemes, and writing out an essay template. I'm also using "Mr. Bruff's Guide to A level English Literature" and "The Art of Writing English Literature Essays: For A level and Beyond". You'll need a tutor to authenticate your coursework NEA, just so you know, unless you're taking CIE or possibly Edexcel IAL. The exam centre you register with may have tutors who can do this.

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