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My girlfriend recently broke up with me and i'm trying to recover but she blocked me

Now I and my gf had a relatively short relationship that I truly thought would last longer and we had both planned on it or so I thought. But turns out I was just a crutch for her to get over her ex and heal so she can find someone else. This really hurt me as I had faith that I loved her which I indeed did which is why I'm hurting so bad but I also believed she loved me too. This turned out to be a lie as she broke up with me yesterday and said she would be okay with communicating a bit but she immediately blocked me this morning and even though I have started to stop caring it was a punch in the gut that really hurt me a lot. Maybe it was for her to move on easier but it still really hurt a lot and I'm struggling to move on even though the relationship was extremely toxic, especially her actions towards me. But in the end, I still miss her a lot and part of me wants to go back but I know that won't happen. So I'm trying to get over it but it's extremely difficult and I need advice
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Of course you feel gutted. You have felt the first stages of elation and love, and that feels so good. You trusted a girl and got burnt. Within a short time your world has come crashing down and your optimism was blown away. Use these feelings as a spring board to know how good that feels, albeit for such a short time. You have found love and you will feel it again, soon I hope. If she is as poisonous and unpleasant as you know she is, you have done well to get rid of her before she causes you too much aggravation and distress. There are many many out there far more deserving of your love. Onwards.
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You’ve weighed things up pretty well. Girls will commonly be very harsh when they go cold on a relationship. Turn to friends and new pursuits and stay strong. It’s great for self esteem down the line if you haven’t shown her how much it hurt.
I know it’s tough now but you’ll be okay, it won’t happen overnight but you’ll get over it.

I broke up with my bf last summer and didn’t feel good until this year, we didn’t have a long relationship either but the memories are still painful enough. Cutting off may seem tough but I remember blocking him because it’s easier to get over the situation that way.
You just need to find all the things that make life worth living and how you were before!
Women are useless. Get over her and find a new bird

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