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UK Marketing : Bath, Leeds, Manchester or……

I’m about to continuing my master’s in Marketing in the UK this coming September. Now I got offer from several unis, but don’t exactly know where to go yet🥲 (I’m not living in the UK right now)

Offers I currently hold:
1. MSc Marketing - University of Exeter
2. MSc Marketing - University of Nottingham
3. MSc Marketing Management - University of Southampton
4. MSc International Marketing Management - University of Leeds
5. MSc Digital Business (E-Marketing) - Newcastle University

Just applied, Application on process
1. MSc Marketing - University of Bath
2. MSc Marketing - University of Mamchester
3. MSc Marketing - University of Durham

Much appreciated your help. I have no experience about studying in UK😅

Other info.
- I’m a fresh economics graduate.
- I have no real working experiences, only 4 internships in marketing field.
- personally, I quite like the city vibes, but can give up if staying in a small town can provide me a better educational background.

Thank youuu :smile:
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